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Influencer Marketing

There's no better way to increase your brands awareness than using professional influencers.

Influencer vs. UGC creator


Influencers are paid to take photos and videos of products and share that content across their platforms. Brands can opt to get the rights to the content and redistribute it across the brand’s marketing channels—but not all influencers offer this.


UGC creators are paid to do the same thing as influencers and every asset created through UGC belongs to you. This means you can repurpose any user-generated content created for your website, social media, paid advertising etc.

Influencer Marketing

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The idea behind influencer marketing is simple:

Brands partner with content creators who have built a loyal following in their respective niches, and then work together to create content that will resonate with their target audience. The key here is that this collaboration expands the reach beyond the brand's own platform, giving the brand access to more users than they would.

A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven:​We'll pair your business with an influencer who's active on Instagram,  TikTok, YouTube (p whatever else is hot right now). We'll work with you to identify the goals of your campaign, and then find the person who can best reach those goals. We'll work with them to create content that matches your brand and its voice, then promote it across their networks until people can't get enough of what they're putting out there!


UGC Creators

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What is a UGC Creator?

User-Generated Content is an effective way to reach a wider audience. Instead of coming up with the content yourself, you can outsource it to people who know your niche better than you do!

The end result is that your brand can create content at scale with variety, creativity and that speaks to any given niche.

How do I pick a UGC creator?

We know that your social media marketing strategy is unique to your business, so the creator who will be working on it must be vetted by our team. We will match you with what we think are the best creators for your project.

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Our Process

Now is when the clients identify who they want to reach, why they want to reach them , and what they want the outcome to be. We will use our creators to reach an audience your current marketing strategy isn't reaching.

Ready to start working with a creator?

Get paired with a creator!

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