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6 Typical Issues with E-Commerce Site's

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Sandra starts her e-commerce store with the intention of increasing revenue for her small business after spending months developing and creating her website. She waits for a few more months, but much to her disappointment, she notices no improvement in sales..

"My e-commerce site is not selling," she claims. What am I doing wrong? You might have the same query as Sandra. You've come to the right place if your website isn't generating the desired number of sales.

We have 6 typical issues with selling on your website, as well as answers to those issues!

1. You’re not driving the right traffic

One of the biggest reasons why your e-commerce site is not selling is that you may not be driving the right traffic.

You can define traffic as “the right traffic” if you’re attracting users who are interested in what you have to offer. If you attract users that aren’t interested in your products and services, it won’t benefit your business since they likely won’t convert. So, what causes you to drive the wrong traffic?

The accuracy of your target audience can greatly influence your traffic, so it’s crucial that you target the right users. Equally as important is the keywords you target.

Solution: Establish your target audience

Establishing your target market is the first step to increasing sales on your website. Examine your current clientele to assist you in directing the proper traffic. Establishing your target market is the first step to increasing sales on your website. Examine your current clientele to assist you in directing the proper traffic. To get started, download our worksheet on target markets.

2. You’re not optimizing your pages

It's possible that your pages aren't optimized if your e-commerce site isn't making any sales. By optimizing your pages, you may increase the likelihood that they will appear high in search results and attract the correct leads. Your website won't appear in search results if it lacks an optimized page.

Your page won't attract appropriate traffic, which means you won't generate revenue for your company.

Solution: SEO

Use relevant key words on your sites to improve your ranking in relevant search results.

Users don't like to wait for slow-loading pages, therefore you need to make sure your site loads quickly. To find out how to speed up the loading of your website, use a tool like Google PageSpeed Insights or spend money on page speed services.

Make sure your website appears excellent on mobile devices. Since Google considers your website's mobile version, you must make sure that responsive design is implemented on your website. Delivering a pleasant mobile experience will enable you to keep visitors on your site.

3. You don’t have call to action (CTA) buttons on your page

When making a sale on your website, you want to direct your visitors in the right direction.

To encourage them to buy one of your items, for instance, you might concentrate on getting them to sign up for your email list. It's possible that the lack of obvious call to actions (CTAs) on your page is keeping you from selling more goods. CTAs direct your viewers to the following action.

Solution: Create eye catching CTA's

Use CTA buttons to direct customers to perform a certain action if your e-commerce site isn't making any sales. Make sure your CTA buttons are noticeable on the page when creating them.

4. Your navigation isn't clear

Organize your navigation so that customers can quickly locate what they're looking for.

For example if you have a sports shop your navigation should contain many categories to make it easier for customers to find things quickly. They can shop by gender—men, women, and children—or by product—Gym-wear, hats, and t-shirts, for example.

Solution: Organize your navigation

Organize your navigation so it’s easy for shoppers to find what they need.

5. Your checkout process is complicated

You must examine your checkout procedure if you want to increase internet sales. Many businesses make the error of having a convoluted checkout procedure, which discourages customers from finishing their order.

The biggest error businesses commit is forcing customers to register in order to check out. People don't want to spend time creating accounts; they just want to buy the things and be on their way. Too many steps in the checkout process is another typical explanation for why an e-commerce site isn't selling.

Customers are less likely to complete their order if there are several steps in the checkout process that they must fill out. Too many stages in the checkout process can cause customers to depart because they want to check out quickly.

Solution Simplify your checkout process

Make the checkout procedure as simple as possible for your customers. By observing these best practices for checkout, you can increase sales on your website:

Steps that aren't absolutely necessary for processing and mailing the order should be eliminated.

Eliminate stages that aren't necessary for your checkout procedure, such as requesting an account or a phone number.

don't demand creating an account: Give customers the choice to check out as visitors. To give purchase tracking information, you can request an email address. Later, you can follow up by urging the customer to create an account.

Multiple payment alternatives are provided: If you don't provide the payment methods that your target market prefers, you risk losing business. Offer a variety of payment methods during your checkout.

6. You’re not using different methods to market your site

You may not be promoting your e-commerce site sufficiently if you're wondering why it's not making any sales.

You shouldn't promote your business using just one method. Utilizing only one channel restricts your audience and prevents the online expansion of your company. To assist you connect with people who engage through various channels, you need to employ a variety of strategies.

There might be some people who want to interact on social media, but there might also be some people who prefer to read information to find out more about your company.

Solution Use several ways to attract more visitors to your page

Use several ways to attract more visitors to your page if you want to increase sales on your website. You can employ a variety of digital marketing channels, such as:

Search engine optimization PPC advertising

using social media

Social media promotion

Content promotion

email advertising

video advertising

By utilizing these various marketing platforms, you'll open up new possibilities for leads to find your firm and become customers.

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