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How to have a successful 2023

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

In a study we conducted, we asked our audience if they had met their sales target for 2022. The response rate was 100% "no."

So, in this post, we'll discuss how to succeed in 2023 and accomplish your objectives.


1. Create a marketing strategy focused on results.

Setting broad estimates should be the first step in developing a marketing strategy that ideally balances your sales and marketing. Consider the total amount you must spend over a certain time frame (a year, a quarter, or a month), taking into account all related expenses (paid ads, marketing tools, maintenance expenses, etc.).

Book a coaching call with us if you're unsure about where to begin.

2. Assemble a powerful marketing list

An excellent contact list is necessary for an efficient marketing automation approach. The number and quality of your list will increase if you improve your calls to action, gating content, and push marketing opt-ins. Additionally, the likelihood that qualified leads will enter your sales funnel will increase.

To get you going, try these nine simple list-building techniques:

  • Special offers and notifications;

  • social media marketing;

  • material that is entirely or partially gated;

  • influencer marketing or collaborations;

  • pop-ups that are targeted based on a user's behavior or exit intent;

  • loyalty and recommendation initiatives;

  • Unique CTA's;

  • Contacting individuals manually;

  • Giveaways (just be careful that they aren't just for show and don't generate cold leads.)

3. Implement a re-marketing plan.

Additionally, you should include repeat customers or unconverted prospects on your marketing list. Using consumers who are already familiar with your product is a cost-effective strategy to expand your business.

Send email or text campaigns to existing customers to let them know about your new product improvements. Send out special offers and remind people of the advantages of your product and additional revenue streams.

When it comes to attracting interested prospects, integrated multi-channel re-marketing campaigns are twice as effective as single-channel ones.

4. Diversify your use of social media.

You've probably tried your hand at social media marketing before. It's one of the channels where you can catch up the quickest. Try another platform if you've had little luck on the first one to see if your material connects with other audiences.

Instead of just speaking to people in your neighborhood, social media reaches a worldwide audience. The sole thing you need to be aware of is that, due to varying demographics, expectations for your social media material will fluctuate depending on the platform:

  • Social media channels for video: Reels, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Watch.

  • Used for: watching quick videos.

  • Business objective: To emphasize your items and build brand awareness in a way that static graphics can't.

  • Value: to inform, amuse, or motivate your audience.


6. Create Buyer Personas

Buyer personas provide all the information you require about your target market. Additionally, understanding your audience enables you to optimize your material. Additionally, it will enhance your sales calls. Start by poring through the data to discover more about your customers.

After that, imagine yourself as one of your consumers. Lastly, try doing consumer interviews or sending out surveys. These can assist you in learning more about demographics, product use cases, and purchasing behaviors. To begin, download our worksheet.

7. Create persuasive product descriptions.

By incorporating compelling product descriptions on your eCommerce website, you can assist your online customers in understanding details about the products and envisioning themselves utilizing the product in their daily lives. Make use of persuasive and concise product descriptions to engage your audience and boost conversions. If you don't know how to write product descriptions try our product description worksheet.

8.Know your competition.

Any sales strategy must have an understanding of and knowledge of the competitors. If your pricing, pitch, and products set your company apart from the competition, it will expand more quickly. High levels of competition will also encourage product innovation and expose your goods to new markets.

Customer experience

9.With each transaction, wow your consumers.

After a transaction, how can you guarantee ongoing client satisfaction? In order to offer more products and address any potential small concerns, at the absolute least, try to build a method for doing a follow-up. This will entice them to use your goods once more in the future.

10. Improve your website.

When did you last make changes to your website? The user experience of your website is an excellent place to start if you want to expand your business. Customers today are less traditional and may welcome periodic modifications in style and functionality if these enhance user experience.

Consider updating your page this year to make it simpler to navigate and to give it a new message. According to statistics, 74% of consumers will switch brands if the shopping procedure is too challenging, and an outdated website is particularly challenging to use. We provide several different website services to give you a fresh start in 2023.

11. Set up a feedback loop.

Feedback from customers is always welcomed by successful businesses. You can automate the procedures for asking for reviews and collecting feedback to make this easier. Even for tiny organizations, obtaining an NPS score is a method that is becoming more and more popular. Additionally, this will assist in providing you with a brief assessment of your levels of customer satisfaction.


This is a great time to start if you want to make attainable goals for the upcoming year.

2022 is almost over, and before you know it, 2023 will be here.

There are only a few weeks left. We've put up a list of some of our favorite tactics that will enable you to maximize the potential of the upcoming year to help you get started. For further guidance, download The 2023 CEO planner.

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